Pizza in a cone – What Slovenians eat

Slovenia and especially Ljubljana is very famous for it’s upgrade of Burek, called Pizza Burek. But this doesn’t seem to stop innovative locals to start selling something called Pizza in a cone (sl. Pizza kornet). It’s essentially your ice-cream cone, stuffed with cheese and ham in layers and then heated for 8 minutes. Since it was cheap enough – 2.5 EUR, BoÅ¡tjan decided to have one:

IMG00206.jpg IMG00208.jpg

It turns out it’s really not that good. It’s essentially just ham with cheese and some ketchup like sauce. The waiter who was making it commented that he actually managed to sell 20 of those on a pretty empty/lazy Sunday and that people were wondering if he could also put some shrimps into it.

I’d still suggest going for good old Pizza Burek.

Update: Maša commented that this is not really a new invention, but can easily be traced back a few years.

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6 thoughts on “Pizza in a cone – What Slovenians eat

  1. Now that’s something I’ve never quite heard of! I’m off to have a good ol’ fashioned slice of pizza as we speak. It’s not a pizza cone but it can be if you roll it up to eat it :-p

  2. hey guys, I have tried something similar but with a very authentic pizza taste while visiting friends in Kansas City. It’s called Kornet Pizza, they’re of course Italian and their cones/kornets are really tasty so try it out if you have the chance. It seems this is the new trend…and hopefully we’ll have it in Eastern Europe as well soon 🙂

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