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Audrey Chen lives behind the


The Story of The Daily Show website

Spring 2007

Writers strike rumors, Viacom started suing YouTube uploaders, etc. 

Old clips were in an archive that was designed as a stand-alone application, even though it was a web page.


The scale of The Daily Show show


1,400+ episodes

10,000+ video clips


Core responsibility, to connect the people to the content


Know your content

Old news is not news anymore, but give it a decade and it becomes history. This you can thread out through the time, etc.


Old Media vs. New Media

Knowing your content is something that differentiates New Media from Old Media.


How did they do it

16 Writers to tag the whole history

12 Video Encoders

Two shifts

Over 15,000 tags


It took about 16k human hours just to go through the content


There are three important things

Depth – a sheer volume that is important to the user

Date – organizing principle of the show; Wayback randomizer, really accessible way to find something random from the archives

The show is lots of “desk sitting”, to overcome the problem, they added “quote overlay”, over the video which tells you what the video is about, and has a big play button.

Topic – tags


Each video is embedable so audiences can use it in their own ways.


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