I get more blog comments after installing Disqus

About a week ago, I installed blog commenting system called Disqus. You’ve probably noticed it around the web alot as they essentially take over your built-in blog comments, and add their own fancy javascript interface over it.

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What finally convinced me of the move, was that they released a Disqus WordPress plugin, that will sync their comments back into your WordPress comment system, so in case you ever decide to leave them (when testing all of these startup plugins, that’s important factor), nothing will be lost.

Anyway, something interesting happened after that. I started getting more blog comments, after that. I’m not sure if that means that I wrote better blog posts, but I got a lot of comments and even one video comment via Seesmic (really cool!).

I believe that it’s actually easier for people to leave me comment, as they’re already logged in into Disqus, as there are no forms to input.

Disqus also has a second positive point, it allows me to reply to comments directly from my Blackberry. I get emailed all the comments, and they allow you reply via email and it then appears on your blog. So you can have a discussion with your readers, without actually sitting behind a computer.

Anyway, enough pitching for Disqus. Get them for free for your blog at http://www.disqus.com

Disclosure: Zemanta and Disqus share investor, but I’m writing this because I like this phenomena of more blog comments 🙂

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13 thoughts on “I get more blog comments after installing Disqus

  1. Yeah I added Disqus when they released the WordPress plugin and I like it, but I'm worried that Automattic bought Intense Debate which is a competitor to Disqus.

    I also wish Disqus would support pingbacks

  2. Jure, thanks for the post. I've been thinking about using the Disqus plugin on my personal blog but have held off because I'm worried that I'll lose my old comments. Did you have any difficulty with that?

  3. Surprisingly, no problems in that regard. They automatically import
    old comments in background, takes just a few minutes and they are
    still on your blog, just displayed in Disqus interface. If you check
    manually you can see them in your wordpress comments dashboard also.

    Because all the comments go through Disqus there is zero spam actually.

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