Inspirational Nike Running

As you’ve probably already seen, I’m beginning to become as much Nike fan boy as I’m Apple tree-huger. The reason I’m liking this brand every day more is that they’ve produced a number of Running Commercials, that actually get me out of the door if I watch them long enough.

Why all the brainwashing with the commercials, you ask? Since I’m just starting to incorporate running into my everyday activities, I need help from all the directions to make it succeed.

Since it’s a lazy Sunday, I’m just going to link to the top ones. I recommend you give them a long (they’re short) and then get out and enjoy the day 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Inspirational Nike Running

  1. I did notice it after posting this already. I'll give an excuse for an answer and say that I think it's Nike Ad worthy 😉

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