How to drive in Fog?

Hogback Mt. shrouded in Fog
Image by tomswift46 via Flickr

For reasons beyond me, it’s really foggy in Ljubljana in past few days. Some even commented that we could introduce our own version of Jack the Ripper, as the visibility is so low.

Having an opportunity to drive in this fog at 5am, I started to realize that driving school didn’t really prepare me for such environmental backslash, so I went online to dig up some resources and tips about driving.

I especially liked the article on Smart Motorist, that concludes:

The best advice we can give to drivers confronted with thick fog is to get off the road as soon as possible.

Essentially the point of this and many other articles on topic of driving in fog is that you can’t see and that in consequence also can’t be seen. As such you need to plan for that, use your fog lights, drive slower and keep your safety distance.

While this is actually common sense, it often helps to hear such obviousness several times, to really slip into your subconsciousness.

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2 thoughts on “How to drive in Fog?

  1. last year, while on serra da estrela in portugal, fog was dense i actually had to leave the car and guide the driver by walking in front of the car. i know, sounds incredibly stupid, but in my defense – it was only for about 10m, till we actually were able to get off the road.

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