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My current reading list nicely shows the professional interests I am currently persuading. A mix of social media and community engagement (Trust Agents and Tribes), Web Analytic so I can get better insights into web pages, The Four steps to the Epiphany since it’s always good read about product and business creation process and Laws of Simplicity that my brother was kind enough to shared with me to not lose the touch with the design philosophy.

I wonder if I’m missing something..

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  1. You could also try the follow one “Cultivating Communities of Practice” (

    Maybe not so much online and business applied, but certainly one of the mustreads in the field of the management of small- or middle-sized organizations. Abroad often listed as a textbook on the courses on “social web/online communities”.

    Moreover, Surowiecki’s “The wisdom of crowds” ( is also an interesting one, but I guess you are familiar with it.

    Ups, I almost forgot the most cited one in the academia: Preece “Online Communities: Supporting Sociability, Designing Usability” ( Since its coming out in 2000, it has been considered as THE textbook in this field (a great part of the positive feedback was almost certainly due to the annoyance of the research community with volumes that conceived online communities as something existing “far away from the ‘real’ world” full of romanticism or postmodern personal nihilism [i.e., Rheingold, Turkle]).

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