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Where not to illegally park in Ljubljana

Where in Ljubljana it’s most likely that your car will be towed away? In short: city centre, beginning of Vi? and around Metelkova.

Click for interactive version

or alternative visualization

Click for interactive version

Source of this data is page from Javni Holding Ljubljana that publishes your car info and the street it was towed away from. Gašper created Scraper wiki for it and is collecting data for last 3 months (aggregated source, if you want to reuse it).

Heatmap as a visualization technique was chosen because the data itself is very fuzzy (only street names are given, without the street number). It also tells you which neighborhoods to avoid.

If you want to help us bring more of such mashups into the world, please consider adding other sources of data into si.ckan.net. These pictures are end results of one such example where data was not hidden behind a telephone or a piece of paper (in a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory behind a door that says “Beware of the tiger”).

Thanks goes to RTV Slovenia for hosting OpenData Hackday.