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Zemanta WordPress Video @ Berlin Web 2.0 Expo

So Web 2.0 Expo Berlin happened with a bit of puff and made a nice little dent into European Web 2.0 scene. Despite my early doubts it turned out that it was actually one of the best tech conferences I was at. Even their social network CrowdWine almost worked it. Since the conference venue was so big it was actually hard to find people, which meant that it would be easier to just call them on mobile phone then trying to use Twitter or e-mail.

I managed to talk to quite a few people about our upcoming Zemanta WordPress plugin and it got a lot of fabulous feedback and brainstorming ideas. The fact that many wanted to get into early beta meant that we might have something going here. We also showed for the first time to the camera how our plugin works, to Jean Michel Billaut, prominent French blogger and Journalist. You can watch the whole video at his blog.