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10 Innovative online visualization tools

Here is a quick reference chart of online visualization tools. It’s here mostly for my reference as I plan to update it as I discover and test new ones that being created almost on daily basis.

In no particular order:

  1. – Turn any set of numbers into an explanatory picture with
  2. – Shared visualization and discovery
  3. – Swivel’s mission is to make data useful so people share insights, make great decisions and improve lives.
  4. – iCharts is a web services company that is creating a new market for online publishing and transactions around public and private charts.
  5. – Making data useful
  6. – The easy way to track and graph information
  7. – The all powerful data visualizer
  8. – Track, compare and share data, free. Identify trends across social graphs and networks, realize the potential of p2p, track engagement metrics, look at what is really happening, real time.
  9. – Beautiful word clouds
  10. – Gapminder/Google motion charts

Did I miss any? Leave a comment and I’ll update the post.

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