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DjangoCampLjubljana – the day after

DjangoCampLjubljana was more of a micro-barcamp compared to 100+ attendees that we did before. It was also the first camp where more people showed up then signed up for tickets. So from initial 12 we ended up with about 16 participants. This turned out to be about the best size for such a group, so that everyone could hear everyone without having to use the microphone and we could have open discussion that mixed with presentations.

As for communication channel, we used EtherPad server and it worked great. There’s chat windows as well as collective note-taking editor that we used extensively. I can fully recommend setting-up dedicated EtherPad documents for each session track.

What did I personally learn from the conference?

  • Gunicorn is great for serving Django and I should learn it
  • Jinja2 is a great template engine, but is not compatible with Django’s
  • Django Forms are a big and complex topics that could do with better documentation.
  • If I ever need to build ajax projects – Dajax can help me
  • Django-history and Django-reversion can help with time based revisions of models.
  • AppEngine doesn’t solve any of my problems, but introduces many new ones.

Probably most important: Django community in Slovenia is growing and that everyone should join Django-slo mailing list to further participate.