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Playing at night with marten

Playing at night with marten or a story why Twitter is so great.

People often ask me what is the value of constantly checking status of other people and updating mine. After doing this for a while in a group of friends you start getting completely new experience that makes the whole effort more than worth it.

Today it started with twit from @klemenrobnik at about midnight, with a short message that he is playing with his marten:


This turned out to be much more exciting as it seems at first. This marten is just a few months old and pretty wild. This was actually her nightly exercise in the wild. In a few weeks it’s going to a farm where it’s going to live in nature.




It actually proved quite challenging taking pictures of her with only Blackberry as it could not match the speed and interest of the general world. This is one of the rare times that built-in flash turned to be actually useful.

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