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Facebook v slovenščini! (Facebook speaks Slovenian)

The big news of the afternoon is that now official, in the land on the sunny side of alps, we don’t poke anymore, but instead I now “dregnem‘ someone. This is part of the now unrolled efforts of Facebook to bring it into language that’s easier to understand to teenagers.

No more *poke*
No more *poke*

The effort was completely community driven, with local Facebookers providing translations and then voting on how good they are in order to ensure best ones win. I imagine there was a huge flame around *poke*. Everything was done from within the Facebook platform, using Translations application.

At this point there’s usually a huge backlash of Slovenian geeks who claim that everything IT related should stay in English. Given the fact that one of the biggest Slovenian sites is Podnapisi.net (Subtitles), there definitely is a demand for localized content, even though there is a vocal minority that seems to think otherwise.

Image by sitmonkeysupreme via Flickr
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