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Stepping out of dating and relationship on Facebook

I’ve been fascinated with Facebook relationship decisions for a while now. One of the more interesting challenges with this complex term is that it’s not fully transitional. You don’t just go single -> complicated -> dating -> engaged -> married  and the same way back. Sometimes you also want to step out from the whole dating thing and say, I’m not even single (as it implies that you’re available for persuasion) but that you’re just not playing the game.

So how do you express this with the user interface? Simple, you make an empty box that anyone can assign meaning to it, but its mostly there to have the most private option and to dissolve any implications of labeling yourself.


Facebook remove relationship status drop-down
Facebook remove relationship status drop-down

With drop-downs, it’s often the case that we want to undo our option but the form won’t allow us. It takes extra attention to detail to allow such option.


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