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Find of the day: Quince: A UX Patterns Explorer

Being subscribed to a million of different obscure mailing lists and blogs has some advantages. Every once in a while you grab announcement of a rare gem early. Today I receivend an email about Quince – A UX Patterns Explorer by Infragistics.

It’s a visual representation of some of interface patterns used in interface design field. Idea behind these patterns is that if we manage to standardize on certain ways of doing things, then the overall usability and user experience of your interface will benefit from it.

So the big problem is – how do I learn patterns? The usual way in * design profession is that you observe the world around you, take note of remarkable work of others and observe the problems of your users to iterate to a solution.

The other approach is to dive into one of these pattern sites, see how others solved similar presentation/navigation/input/ .. problem and get inspiration from it. Quince is one of such solutions.

Quince browser
Quince browser

It has a wide collection of different patterns together with examples, rational and screen shots. All neatly organizable and browsable. It also allows community to add and vote for their own so it has potential to grow with time.

The bad? It’s done in Silverlight and has a bit confusing User Interface. But it seems to work nicely on my Mac for now and I plan to evaluate it in my future interface design.

Quince patterns
Quince patterns

And for the ones wondering – Quince is a very nice flower of Asian origin:

Quince flower on bush
Image by Martin LaBar via Flickr
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Being a UX Team of One – Leah Buley [uxweek08 notes]

Leah BuleyImage by MaggieMason via Flickr

Leah Buley lives at http://ugleah.tumblr.com/

Who is team of one?

Often people assume it’s someone in a small organizations, or just starting their careers. But she’s actually thinking of a state of mind, rather than the situation.

Working with interesting constraints, that created opportunities and makes our work [of UX designers] interesting.

Humble origins, we’re standing at the crossroads at what we’re doing now, and what we’re doing in the future. The best we can do is to make the best of it.

It’s all about people, but the process matters too

Caring for people won’t make a good experience, but it’s the process.

Stakeholdeers -> Planning -> Saying No -> Looking at content

It’s not just about a process, but having a right process.

[Leah tells her life story]

Things are changing

Five tips for the team of one, involving:

Lightweight tools – get comfortable with pen and paper. Pen and paper is important, because it signals to other people that this is the part where it’s allowed other people to give feedback

Collaboration – Think big pictures. Put things on the wall, and create space for conversations to emerge – http://tinyurl.com/sketchboards

Be a good host – Open our doors to brainstorming to other people who are not UX designers. Allow other people to start sharing. Every single one has an opinion how it should be done, and it’s going to come out at one point or other. Better earlier than ever.

Decorate your space – show your work as you work on it. People think of design as a finished product and don’t understand that it’s a process and that they’re important part of the process.

Clarify UX goals – Business needs + User needs = Design criteria.

We all know that it’s not enough to have business needs, or just user needs. A great user experience it’s something that tangible and draws us to get back.

Design criteria is a tool to help with that – http://tinyurl.com/designcriteria


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