About Cinelerra 2.1 packages

A few days ago heroinewarrior released Cinelerra 2.1. So I am already seeing questions when there will be Ubuntu packages. The answer is the same as the on CVS cinelerra mailing list:

On tor, 2006-07-04 at 18:28 -0400, Computer Lists wrote:

> So... should I move to 2.1 or stick with the "CVS" version?  I just 
> spent a lot of time moving to the devel version because 2.0 had some 
> problems and missing features I wanted.  Is 2.1 based off of a recent 
> build from the devel version?

you would most probably want to wait for 2.1 changes to be merged to

timeframe of that is however completely unknown, since it is very hard
to merge such a big patch whole at once, taking into account all the


4 thoughts on “About Cinelerra 2.1 packages

  1. Hi, I did a little hack to provide a workaround for the “unsolveable” dependencies concerning Ubuntu 6.06, cinelerra and liblame0 vs. libmp3lame0. It’s actually in german only, but maybe someone (or I myself) will find the time to translate it. Basically all you need to do si change the debian/control file in lame-3.97.
    You’ll find a description here.



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  3. If you check the CVS site now, the 2.1 merge is now complete. It would be a great time to update your binary packages.

  4. I tried to compile but i had lots of problems, and no solutions asking on forums.

    I can’t wait for binaries…

    any news!?

    tnx everybody

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