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Ubuntu Cinelerra Feisty 7.04 packages

Ubuntu Cinelerra CV Feisty 7.04 packages are in. The good thing about new Ubuntu is that I don’t need to build my custom mjpegtools anymore so one less thing to document in the README.

Quick instructions for impatient:

1. Make sure you have universe, multiverse and restricted repositories enabled
2. Add the following repository to your sources.list file, according to your CPU type:

– i686:
deb ./
– athlonxp:
deb ./
– pentium4:
deb ./

3. apt-get update ; apt-get install cinelerra

I am still without access to Ubuntu x86 workstation so please tell me if things break. I realized that these builds are 32-bit, I also plan to provide 64-bit builds in future. Also, if anyone sees the need for any other architecture optimized builds (Core2, PentiumM, ..) tell me, preferably with GCC optimization parameters.

Dropping Cinelerra packages

In last few weeks a number of Ubuntu users asked when will I start providing updated Cinelerra 2.1 packages. The answer, sadly, is that I will not and that I can not. As such I invite anyone who wants to take this roll over to mail me and I’ll add your website to my README.

Even though it is hard for me to make this decision it is logical and for the best. Reasons include the fact that I’m currently studying abroad and have only my iBook with me. Having a PowerPC platform effectively means that I can not even test packages I would build. The other reason is that for some months the Xen virtual machine I was using to build the packages is offline. It does not seem that it will be back online in near future. The last reason is that I will not be using Cinelerra while abroad so I would like to leave this task to someone who is more motivated to have up-to date packages available.

UPDATE: April 15, 2007 – I’ve updated the packages for Feisty.

About Cinelerra 2.1 packages

A few days ago heroinewarrior released Cinelerra 2.1. So I am already seeing questions when there will be Ubuntu packages. The answer is the same as the on CVS cinelerra mailing list:

On tor, 2006-07-04 at 18:28 -0400, Computer Lists wrote:

> So... should I move to 2.1 or stick with the "CVS" version?  I just 
> spent a lot of time moving to the devel version because 2.0 had some 
> problems and missing features I wanted.  Is 2.1 based off of a recent 
> build from the devel version?

you would most probably want to wait for 2.1 changes to be merged to

timeframe of that is however completely unknown, since it is very hard
to merge such a big patch whole at once, taking into account all the