Lessons learned at Barcamp Klagenfurt

Saturday I visited BarCamp – Sezna Confini 2008, user generated conference, that was organized in Klagenfurt. Besides giving a presentation on Zemanta, I also made some interesting notes from some of the presentations that I’m sharing below.

Barcamp time sheet

In the first session “Time & ideas for blogging”, we heard from the authors of So Isses blog. They write a number of blogs and their recommendation is to find a personal routine for blogging, e.g., they like to blog in morning while having their coffee, just writing down ideas as WordPress drafts and then working on them more thoroughly. They also relay heavily on “publish in future” feature that allows them to time the posts in upcoming days. Right now they are already writing articles for mid-March!

Mathias, on the other hand, talked about Zipfs power law/long tail story. His proposal ist that when you’re analyzing data you plot it on log/log scale and if it shows a linear chart you can start investigating if the data follows the principles. He also presented some statistics about “the bend”, the part of at which you start getting exponential growth and your page views start getting . For a lot of online content this is at about 50 users. Check out his presentation.

Max talked about Blogs and their connectivity. There are about 800 new german blogs per day. Some services like blogfever.de, blogrush.com scan the content that you are reading and then locate similiar content to your blog.

He tried to design his own widget using yahoo term extractor. Problem with this approach is that when you take your tags, enter the into google blog search and you will get only one article – your own. Until you remove and suddenly you get 10k articles. This problem is same for google adwords, 95% of tags are not matching close enough. Too few or too many results.
He also created a cool project called Blogsvision.com, that plots blogs on Google maps and connections between them. His experience is that 6-degrees for separation is not working for blogs. Some blogs are totally separated from others in their own islands.


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