Notes on How To Organize BarCamp[London4] – Ross Bruniges

You have to get your business involved.
It’s all about being keen and up to it. If you are excited it’s easier to convince them to do it.
You have to keep up with your everyday work.
Make sure you have a team. If you’re the only one you want to do it within your organization, bring in other people that are as enthusiastic as you.
BarCamps are “not commercial”. They are run in commercial organization because they have large offices.
Of about 150 people, ~120 showed up.
Ticketing is quite important, since it gives first impressions.
There is really no good ticketing management tool for BarCamps.
BarCamp people are very professional and so it’s not that much a problem.
It’s easy underestimate the amount of water. What would be really good to have “water” machine.
Don’t forget the vegetarian food.
If you get people to sponsor, make sure they come down and mingle.
When you give out ticket, make sure there is more than one chance.
Don’t be afraid to ask for sponsorship.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Phillie Casablanca