NaBloPoMo – one month later

With just two posts left to finish “National Blog Posting Month”, campaign to encourage bloggers to blog once a day, I’m going to use one post to share what I’ve learned about “so intense” blogging this month.

It’s a lot of work

Day 126/365 : Poesia di una domenica mattina
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I usually blog in bulk. I take off most of Sunday and I write blog posts for most of the upcoming week. This works great if you have to write 3-4 posts (I used to blog 5 times a week), but with 6 it’s a bit harder. The problem is not lack ideas, just that it takes almost twice the time and I’m often lacking focus.

Overall I say it takes me about 20 min to prepare an easy blog post and if I’m really involved it can be also a few hours. In the end, it adds up to quite some time.

It helps with traffic

Regular blogging has an interesting side effect, lots of traffic. I’m still running a small blog in range of about 150 visitors/day, but it’s slowly growing. It’s almost like I get a reader for each time I post 🙂

On the other hand, I’m getting increased number of (non-spam) comments. I’ve discovered that I appreciate a single comment many times more than anonymous readers. Overall, I’m happy with audience growth in last month.

Quality of postings

One of the things I’ve learned is that each blog gets readers that it deserves. If I’m writing about technical or abstract things, not many people will have attention span to actually read it, but the ones that will are the ones I’m trying to write for. Otherwise I should really re-think my content 🙂

The future

Bir Olmak
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In December, I’ll move back to my five posts a week schedule. I also decided not to feel bad if I miss a day, if that means that posts and ideas I’ll be producing on other days will be so much better because of it.

Overall, writing is really easy once you sit down and decide to start typing. It just takes time.

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  1. Zares pohvalno. Jaz komaj najdem temo in ?as za enkrat na teden. Da pa bi moral napisati vsak dan eno objavo, bi bilo pa skoraj gotovo preve? posiljeno. Kot bi rekel Katanec: “Kapo dol!” 🙂

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