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Is Nike Apple of running?

Brands are something that in today’s modern world give us meaning and legitimize a lot of our actions. Well, technically is our outlook, as in it’s strange to be out on a street alone in neighborhood, just walking around, but it becomes perfectly fine when you have a baby cart (with baby in of course), dog on a leash or you’re slowly jogging with white iPod headphones.

Dressing like runners dress on TV, with big logo’s and spandex, just adds another layer of acceptance to your character. Which then brings us on to second question, what’s my brand of choice?

It’s important to choose your brand wisely in the beginning as you’re going to buy mostly that and it’s going to say a lot about your lifestyle and what you want to convey to the world.

(I know it’s shallow and all that, but you can’t really escape this. You can just decide to go anti-brand and run alternative branding look based on that.)

Lets talk about Nike for a bit

If you’re owning Apple, Nike positioned themselves to be perfect matching brand. They make shoes that talk to your iPod while at the same time, their hardware uses iTunes (if you want) to upload your personal data to mother base.

It also has great inspirational advertising, public events (10K human run) and at actually makes enough stuff to fully dress you. It also has Apple Store like Nike Town where they can take full care of you.

As such it’s a great brand to deep into. It’s not cheap, so it’s showing your social status, but it also represents some sort of quality over pure luxury, so you can at least partly justify it to your significant other and your own wallet.

With such positioning on a market, I can confidently say that Nike has almost reached level of Apple. What’s just missing are 6-month keynotes with charismatic CEO and a bit bigger show for its fans.

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