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Web 2.0 conferences in Europe

SemanticCamp - Day 1 - Tom Morris' LaptopImage by Cristiano Betta via Flickr

Here’s a short list of conferences that are upcoming this fall in Europe, and can present a good excuse for my American friends, to travel abroad.

September 2008

Mozilla add-ons workshop, 20th September, Paris, France – Something for Firefox extension developers between us

October 2008
Widget Web Expo, 6-7 October, London, UK – very specialized widgets event

Future of Web Apps, 8-10 October, London, UK – pretty good general Web 2.0 conference

Web 2.0 Expo Berlin, 21-23 October, Berlin, Germany – classical O’Reilly conference; this time in Europe and in a new venue. There’s also a BarCamp in Berlin preceding weekend

Some general monthly events that can be combined with your trips for extra productivity:
Mini Bar, Friday towards end of the month. About 300 Internet Professionals meet, drink beer and power-network

The London Bloggers Meetup Group, about 50 bloggers from around London meet. Some pretty important people in the crowd.

and as always, there’s a barcamp going on basically every weekend in a few countries.

+ lots of more stuff, to follow as I stumble upon the events

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Social media and Web 2.0 conferences August/September 2008

Here are a couple of Social media and Web 2.0 conferences in August and September 2008. It’s mostly European oriented since that’s my primary continent of work. It’s by no means a definitive list but mostly a list of conferences I plan to visit.

UX Week, 12-15 August, San Francisco – ~$2500
PICNIC, 24-26th September, Amsterdam – ~700-1500€
Blog World Expo, 20-21 September, Las Vegas – $400

RINCONES PARA RECORDARImage by c.fuentes2007 via Flickr

There is also a Seedcamp week, 3-7 September, but I think you have to be a Seedcamp 20 finalist to be invited there (apply now! ;).

While these conferences are There are also lots of Barcamps in UK:

BarCampLeeds, 16-17th August
BarCampLondon5, 27-28th September
SocialMediaCamp, 4-5th October
Check the Barcamp wiki
for a full list of BarCamps.

From the neighboring countries to Slovenia there seems to be one Barcamp in Austria on 24th of September. There is also a big BlogFest in Italy, 12-14 September, but most of the information is in Italian which should make planning for this event interesting.

Some people are also mentioning rumors of possible Slovenian BarCamp in fall. It just might happen, but first the organizers need to figure out the time-slots and energy levels.

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