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Caspar Berry – Risk Taking and Decision Making, Professional Poker player [Thinking digital session notes]

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Risk taking is a concept in embracing uncertantly in our lives. The times we’re most happy is the time we’re taking most of the risks.

Warning: risk taking can be fun. “Remember, boating is fun – until death occurs”. So please be careful.

Happiness – getting up every morning and have to do what you wanted to do. He got his first show Byker Grove, Beverly hills 90120 set in Newcastle.

The makeup lady says: “It’s the easiest thing in the world to do what you wanted to do. But the hardest thing to know what you want to do.”

So he goes on how he created movies, goes very nice and decides to become professional Poker player.

A lot of people are making a living from playing poker. When you are playing poker, you are not playing against the House”. The person with the best decision is going to take the money in the long run.

But after 3 years, he decided to move on. He started to figure out how to embrace uncertainty in everyday life. This way helping to maximize what we want to have maximized.

There is a science of risk taking. Does the coin toss and probability to enhance, but it is the point that is luck. What is happiness according to Las Vegas – it’s luck.

In order to embrace uncertainty, we have to embrace short term loss in order to make success in the long run. Examples: Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln as failures who succeeded in the end.

Human beings want what we can not or do not have. Sometimes this is a good thing as it motivates us to achieve the great technological advices. It also explains why the grass is always greener on the other side.

Lesson learned

The biggest decision he made was – “to be happy”. After that decision was made, he got it all.

Books mentioned:

Robert Cialdini – Influence, Science and Practice