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Why Slovenia won’t get iPhone anytime soon

The short answer to Why Slovenia won’t get iPhone anytime soon is that it wouldn’t make sense.

When Apple failed to bring iPhone 3G to Slovenia earlier this year, a thousand fanboy voices cried in frustration. Yet when analyzing the ecosystem around iPhone, it makes complete sense.

SAN FRANCISCO - JUNE 09:  Apple CEO Steve Jobs watches a video of the new iPhone 3G as he delivers the keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Web Developers Conference June 9, 2008 in San Francisco, California. Jobs kicked off the 2008 WWDC conference with a keynote where he announced an upgraded version of the popular iPhone called the iPhone 3G.
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iPhone is not just a fancy smart phone. It’s also a way to:

  • buy ITunes music store
  • figure out where you are (Google Maps)
  • Get the best localized experience333

This means that when bringing iPhone 3G to Slovenia, Apple would have to not only localize the iPhone itself, but also introduce iTunes music store, make sure Google Maps are good enough (they aren’t precise enough yet) and localize a number of services like MobileMe that are often subscribed to by users to provide even better iPhone/Mac integration.

There’s also a neat trick that Apple does in other countries for iPhone subscribers – free WiFi hotspots/cloud access for iPhone. This greatly increases experience as you’re not limited to the spotty 3G coverage if you’re in correct urban areas. Slovenia has only one true WiFi cloud that’s well known enough – Neo Wlan, operated by the Telekom group.

Without all these domino pieces falling  together, it’s hard to believe Apple would want to enter Slovenian market with iPhone and deliver worse experience than in other countries. Above facts also mean that just buying an unlocked iPhone will not provide you with the true spirit of iPhone experience.

[There’s always a chance I’m just bitter that I don’t have one] 😉

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