Bloggers Delight meetup – 27/05/08

In a thorny situation

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Tonight I had a chance to visit Bloggers Delight meetup, sponsored by Berocca – a sort of vitamin tablets. They are trying to get more engaged in “social media” scene. They gave out free samples of their stuff, so while I’ve never heard of their brand I’m going to try it out and maybe this will become my preferred power booster of choice when I’m on not on the continent.

I’ve also met a lot of really interesting people. I’ll write about the ones I have Moo cards of, please correct me in comments if I say something wrong or want me to link somewhere else.

Lisa Lam is blogging at U-Handbag, site that specializes in handbag making supplies.

Julius Solaris is running one of the biggest blogs on Events and how to manage them. This is certainly something I’m interested in since I’m attending lots of events.

Illandancient is blogging about little known bands. Should have something nice and obscure for music lovers out there.

Chris Applegate is one of the masterminds behind the campaign, but also blogs at the qwghlm which seems that’s a lot about social media and UK scene.

Tom Phillips writes lots of cool stuff in his blog, while he’s not working as a real-life journalist.

Cedric Chambaz is “A mountain Dweller in the Thames Valley“, where he writes about cultural differences.

Linda Hartley is a great Flickr enthusiast and runs a number of exciting flickr groups, like classroom displays.

The Londoneer is traveling around the London and country, taking pictures and writing about things he sees. Really exciting blog.

Franco Lebanese is another blog about cultural differences, this time between France and Lebanon.

Xavier was also there, talking about his startup – Commentag – widget to sort discussions on your blog.

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  1. Nice meeting you. I hope I had more time to chat with you… You probably have very interesting stories to tell me about cultural differences:)

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