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Book review of Domain Modeling Made Functional by Scott Wlaschin

I found the book via author’s blog F# for Fun and Profit where it pitches the book as a more structured version of the blog. It turns out that it’s more about general principles of Domain Driven Design than F#.

The book does a great job of teaching Domain-Driven Design and uses F# as a language for the example code. Author starts slow with world building and how it’s about business needs before diving into any technical code. It keeps circling back to business needs with almost every line of code written and with this approach it nicely presents how developer’s job is not to write code but to solve business problems.

F# makes the whole book more interesting as it forces you stop thinking about your everyday language and makes you also consider some new ideas. At the same time, all the ideas are easily implementable in modern languages like Python or TypeScript.

Nitpick about the book I have is that it glosses a bit too much over the code implementation while going into details of specific revisions of F# language.

Who should read this book? Developers that want to increase their value to their employer. It would also be great group read for teams that are trying to refactor legacy code. This books goes on my list of must-read recommendations.

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