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DjangoCamp Ljubljana, lets do it!

Getting back into Camp spirit, we (as in Gašper Ž. and I) thought about doing something for our growing Django community. Since a lot of things that we built runs on Django it feels just right.

What: Django (python framework thingie) community driven unconference for people that are already using Django. It’s not that we don’t like newbie’s, but we’ll invite them to event that is more optimized for them.

Where and when: Kiberpipa, Ljubljana on Saturday, 11th of December 2010

Language of event: Slovenian but you can present in English or Croatian

We plan to limit event to 40-50 people so it doesn’t get complicated with budget and organization. For the same reasons we probably won’t be recording the sessions, so that we can have group discussions and fingers pointing toward laptop displays.

Extra rule is that every participant should prepare a short presentation on something Django related. It can be a full-blown sessions tutorial, GIS Django example project or just a clever middleware hack.

Still interested in attending? Leave your e-mail in this quick form and we’ll keep you updated.