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Grokking Simplicity – Book Review

Grokking Simplicity is an introductory book that will take you to the world of functional programming. It uses basic JavaScript to explain filter(), map(), and reduce() in simple and logical steps.

As an experienced engineer, I read the book hoping it would allow me to read F# code better. What I got from it instead was a better intuition on how to write a better and cleaner code. The book teaches how to refactor imperative code into functional code that uses filter/map/reduce.

If you’re new to functional programming and callbacks, this book will give you the tools and ideas to evaluate your code better.

If you’re an experienced developer – it will give you vocabulary and names to concepts learned through experience. You’ll be able to better mentor your peers and write better feedback in code reviews.

The writing style is very casual – building on relatable real-world examples. It avoids computer science terminology – making it approachable no matter the experience.

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