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My 5th and 6th month of running

I missed updates for February (5th month) and March (6th month) and I’ve been hearing from you. It’s a proof that keeping a public log of these action is indeed motivational as your friends can keep tabs on you and can poke you if you aren’t keeping track or not exercising.

February running log

February was mostly a failure for me as I was both sick and it was freezing cold so I didn’t dare go running as I was afraid I’m going to slip and hurt myself. Here’s the calendar nonetheless:

Lucky for me March was  a great sucess in a way. I still didn’t manage to get to my old distance (100km+ per month), but I’m getting closer to that.March running

I’m especially happy about it is becuase the running was done mostly while I was travelling. I managed to get a couple of runs in Austin and a run in Las Vegas and another one in San Francisco. This answers my big question – can I run while traveling?

How is it? It’s a phenomenal feeling. Because of conference and afternoon activities I actually had to wake up early in the morning and go for a run before breakfast. It turned out to be a great way to take some personal time with just myself, running and my thoughts as well as a way to calibrate my biorhythm so I didn’t have problems with jetlag.

I could also finally test my original reason for running – to have more energy when traveling. I can say it works great! I had so much energy to walk around the conference, scheme new ideas and party with everyone that it was simply amazing. I can only recommend lots of running to others that have such hectic lifestyle.

Now lets see if I can get closer to 100km/month for April.

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