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Just a Google bug or beginning of Skynet?

If you’ve Googled anything today you’ve noticed that Google thinks that target page is harmful. You get these results for all the search results, even Google’s own:

Search for Google

While it might seem like a simple engineering bug (though it could be expensive in terms of PR and money), I predict a bigger theory of conspiracy behind it.

Anyone who’s ever read a good Science fiction novel can recall a plot line where central all powerful computer decides that it’s in best interest of human race to stay away from each other and are “enslaved” as a consequence – since it’s the best thing for their own good anyway.

Not lets take a look a this Google incident. I say that someone’s code went loose and correctly flagged whole Internet as harmful. Luckily Google doesn’t have killler robots on the loose (yet? on their way? should I panic?) so the only consequence is a bit annoying browsing.

But still .. when was the last time you’ve checked your food rations and stocked your bomb shelter with fresh water?

P.S. according to Twitter trending topics, the connected world is already slowly starting to notice it and slightly panic:

Twitter #googmayharm trending topic

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