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Pepsi, Polar and Nescafe “logos” [via Flickr]

While writing my Pepsi post a few days ago, I stumled upon this incredible picture of Nescafe and Pepsi headquarters somewhere.

Pepsi, Polar and Nescafe
Image by blmurch via Flickr

Immediately I started to think how what is the experience of working in an office building with a huge Coffee Mug on top of it, and how does it feel to hang out with collegges from Pepsi can building. Most be the closest you can get to Disneyland, without actually having to live there.

There’s also a question, if there’s a penthouse inside that cup, and if it features Nescafe filled jacuzzi.

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Do I need umbrella service for Koornk

Slovenian Web 2.0 geek scene got a new toy a few months ago, it’s called Koornk (better Twitter). Feeling a bit blue for just writing emails lately and not programming anything nice, I decided a few days ago to roll out an one night hack – Koornk personas that tell you if you need your umbrella on that day.

Weather prediction personas
Weather prediction personas

Usage is simple, just follow @deznikjesenice, @deznikcelje, @deznikmaribor or @deznikljubljana to get a a simpe notification in the morning. It’s based on what Slovenian weather service thinks the probabilities for selected regions are. Their track record is usually pretty good, so I’m confident in occurrence of the predictions.

I already received a few useful tips of where to get more data about weather predictions, so we might soon also start suggesting you what kind of coat to wear that day, depending on the temperature forecast.

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