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Top 3 Usability (UX) Conferences in 2009

A few people asked what would be my Top 3 recommendations for Usability and Human-Computer Interaction Design conferences to plan for in 2009. I’m looking at this from very Central European centric point of view of course.

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In no specific order:

  1. UX London, 15th – 17th June 2009, London – Early bird: £895 (~900 EUR)
  2. UX Week, 15-18 September 2009, San Francisco, CA – $1795 (~1 356 EUR)
    or alternative UX Intensive Berlin, 12-15 May – Early bird: $1795(~1 356 EUR)
  3. UX Camp Berlin, 23 – 24 May 2009, BarCamp style event.  Most useful if you speak German or are pushy enough about people speaking English around you.

There’s also a Upcoming group Interaction Design that lists most of these events.

I would advise against going to general Web conferences to learn more about UX as their are too general in their nature and you’ll unlikely learn anything new.

Is there an UX conference that I missed and is a must go in your opinion?

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