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When ReadWriteWeb mentions your Twitter account

Yesterday two of Twitter accounts I control got mentioned in ReadWriteWeb article 50+ Semantic Web Pros to Follow on Twitter. That’s @zemanta (my company’s account) and @gandalfar (personal twitter).

This allowed me to measure how many new followers I would get as a consequence of this story. Today TweetDeck told me for my personal account:

TweetDeck followers counter
TweetDeck followers counter

(On quiet days when I’m at home I normally get one or two new followers a day)

What’s more interesting is that of these ~50 people most of them also followed the other account as if they’ve added all of the 50 people on the list.

Anyone else got any experience with having such a rush of new followers?

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2 responses to “When ReadWriteWeb mentions your Twitter account

  1. I had about the same number after my A List Apart article was published. It's flattering, but it's just a number: I'd hate to think my tweets and online actions were influenced by the thought of how to increase my follower count.

  2. That's impressive.

    However I usually get about four or so new followers a day … no clue why or how, but it's cool to meet new people 😛

    Biggest rush I had was the ten or so people after barcamp.

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