Be a copycat! – Sociology tip #3

A few weeks ago, we I decided to go with a stance that a human is a social being and as such very much dependent on the society around him. The best way for us to learn what’s acceptable within the rules and norms of our surroundings is to observe and emulate:

Behave like a copycat when it comes to figuring out the patterns of your society.

Nike Run London 10k race
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It’s that simple. Just take a look around yourself to see what people you admire do and what are the recent habits they’ve taken on. This doesn’t mean that you have to follow them into their cocaine habit (since you’re still playing by general norms and chances are that your society doesn’t support their addiction), but that you want to copy their positive changes.

For me, interesting discovery recently was that almost everyone I admire is regularly active in at least one sport activity. Even though the list of possibilities is long, there is one that I heard of most often – running.

It seems that today everyone is running, even if only once in a while. You’ll also often see your friends and colleagues organizing running meet ups to go for a few miles of running, and then having a nice relaxing evening together afterward.

Lesson learned here is that running is becoming social norm and unless you’re really active in some other sport, you should consider starting. This also means that I’ll blog occasionally about running and nice tricks about it, as I learn how to do it properly.

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