Winter running with Rocky IV

With the temperatures slowly moving beyond freezing point, it is time to rethink running motivation. At this point, I decided to once again turn to the great Interwebs.

The general recommendation for running in winter is to either a) dress warmly (+some special winter running equipment) or b) move to the gym.

For the crazy people going with the a) option, the general feeling is that running is a state of mind and that a true runner is not put off by such things as -5 degrees Celsius and snow. While I do have my doubts about this, I’ve been told that regularly watching Rocky IV – Training montage video, where Rocky is training in Russia during winter, is a perfect motivational video.

YouTube to the rescue:


So, am I just crazy that I’m trying to find motivation in such videos or are you going to join me in my runs? 🙂

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