Garage sale in San Francisco

There’s something to respect about a culture that can essentially pickup bits of their stuff, sell the rest at the garage sale and just leave to a new city, looking for new opportunities. Maybe it’s just because it’s summer, but it’s easy to see lots of garage/yard sales going around where you can find fabulous stuff for just a few dollars or even cents.

You can start with an old table soccer set and a hammer to go with it:


What I’m more amazed about are such old science kits as their branding is part of the older world and in my mind, it’s actually to go and build something amazing with such a kit:

Microscope and Lab set

While LP records are still pretty popular, it’s more rare to find cassettes. I’m slowly wondering if I would even be able to play this anywhere if I bought a bunch of them and even if I did, would I have enough concentration to listen to the whole tape or would I return to my iPod/iTunes after 20 minutes?