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Am I the only one having this problem?

World of technology is often full of weird things and you often can’t tell if you’re supposed to scream at your ISP, computer or just curse the full moon.

Yet, there’s a simple solution to figuring out part of the problem: crowdsourcing

Today I wanted to check out some statistics on Crazy Egg, a site that generates a heat map of what your users clicked, and it kept timing out. Wondering if I was the only having the problem, I decided to do a Twitter Search for keyword crazyegg

This is what I got back:

CrazyEgg search on Search.Twitter.com
CrazyEgg search on Search.Twitter.com

It’s clear that I’m not the only one having problems and that I actually should consider removing their tracking code until they fixed their servers.

Thanks Crowd! 😉

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Online buzz management for startups

At Social Media Camp 08 I presented how Zemanta internally organizes buzz from bloggers and our work-flow. Basic idea is to use a bookmarking service, to categorize different responses, while at the same time use a collection of different tools like Google Alerts and Twitter Search to follow other mentions.

The whole setup seems obvious looking back, but it took as a few months to make it work so I wanted to share this with others that need to have some sort of way to track buzz about their company and product online.

I am aware that there are a number of different solutions for this out there, but I’m sorry that none of them worked for us. I’m always happy to talk to number of them at different conferences, but for now I guess our needs are just different from what they’re building.

Buzz management for Startups

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Social media advice to Seedcamp finalists

Winning Seedcamp top 20 is a great thing and even better press event, where all the Tech media will give you some spotlight and fractions of their traffic. It’s probably the biggest spike of visitors for next 3 months.

TwitterfightImage by Ross Mayfield via Flickr

Try to preperare for this event. Looking over list of 22 winners this year and tracking basic social media:

  • Only about half of companies had blogs (of that just a few actually had RSS tag on their homepage)
  • There were a few input forms for newsletters
  • I found a few Twitter accounts but I had to look hard
  • Most of the time it was not clear from a quick look what the company was about, or what piece of text to copy if I want to quickly blog about it

Reversing this list makes a simple TODO:

  • Get Blog
  • Get Twitter account (and use Twitter Search to track mentions of your brand)
  • Get a Newsletter input form (just gather mails for now, deal with confirmations and writing newsletter later)
  • Make it easy for people to quote and talk about your product

One extra item to consider is also getting a Get Satisfaction account, so you don’t have to deal with setting up your forum while early adopters can easily communicate with you.

Side note

I also went through all the startups on DemoFall and I’m looking at Techrunch50 as they’re reveiled and statistic there are even worse. Only about 20% of companies have blogs and I won’t even comment on their micro-blogging presence.

zemanta_off_weekend_pula072Image by Peter ÄŒuhalev via Flickr

Early adopters want news about you in micro-chuncks so providing easy ways to get it at their leisure. RSS feeds are great for that, together with Twitter account so people can address you without having to go through time expensive operation of figuring out your email and sending one.

Don’t worry, it’s just a beginning of a wild ride 🙂

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