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Friday night skate – Tribute to Michael Jackson

I’m not sure how big deal is death of Michael Jacson back in Slovenia, but here in the states it seems quite a big thing, with all the news talking about it all the time while internet keeps generating more content and links to YouTube videos that have something to do with Michael Jackson.

As I’ve written before, Friday Night Skate has a big music element and today most of the songs were from Michael Jackson, mostly older recordings. There is also traditional Thriller dance at the Union Square, San Francisco which attracted quite a crowd and made everyone really hyped up and dancing!

I tried recording a video of it, but you unfortunely can’t see much. I’ll try to figure out something better for next week:

In short, lots of hype around MJ’s death and an interesting way how a group of people reacted to it. A bit bigger crowd this time – 40+ skaters.

union square, night skating
Image by Gandalfar via Flickr
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3 responses to “Friday night skate – Tribute to Michael Jackson

  1. They did that music dance before MJ passed away; its SF's Friday Night Skate, not specifically for MJ. Every Friday they do the same thing pretty much.

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