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Exploratorium: hooray for tacticle science

I visited Exploratorium with the idea that this is yet another science museum with a bit more hands on approach. I was very positively surprised to discovered that it’s far from that. Instead of being classical museum it’s a giant ‘playground’ where each exhibit offers you an interactive experience around some concept, mostly from physics.

Image by AGrinberg via Flickr

Exhibits are designed to be interacted by and you soon find yourself touching everything around you and just trying to learn by feeling and doing things. There were lots of super-excited kids running around which further hyped up the whole experience.

Two interesting things to note about the whole experience:

  • Some exhibits were video taped in order to be able to optimize the exhibits. I find this very refereshing as it shows that the staff here really cares about the experience and that they’re willing to go that extra mile to make it really enjoyable for the visitors. They also nicely solved the problem of privacy as they’ve clearly marked the times when the exhibit will be under video survailance so you could come later.
  • They build the exhibits themselves. Their workshop is part of the scenery and while they don’t actively work on the weekend, I imagine it has to be very interesting if you’re there during the week.

Example view:

Legalize Happiness
Image by AGrinberg via Flickr

There are also a few elements that are a nice touch, like this piano with an X underneath:

Image by Gandalfar via Flickr


Overall, a very fun thing to do in San Francisco and you should check it out next time you’re around.

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5 responses to “Exploratorium: hooray for tacticle science

  1. Yeah, the Exploratorium is a lot of fun (specially if you go there with a bunch of geeks), but they should start renewing it soon or it will just fall apart 🙂

    A similar (but in my view a bit better) experience can be had in London's science museum.

  2. Good photos – you ought to give the photographer credit.

    It is a really fun museum.

  3. Alan, photos have attribution directly beneath them + flickr backlinks to them. How would you like me to attribute the photographer / change the current attribution?

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