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Running in San Francisco

Running in San Francisco is very much fun. I’d say much more than back in Ljubljana, because of all the hills that make the whole experience much more vibrant.

In one aspect it’s exactly like in intro from the TV show Weeds:

Lots of houses that look similar and pavement all around. You just need to add a bit of hills into the mix:

San Francisco Hills
Image by hao$ via Flickr

It’s then up to the runner to decide how far you want to get. Personally I quite enjoy climbing up and then slowly descending over the longer route.

The other I noticed is that people are much friendlier to runners around here. Lots of them give you a positive smile or greet you while you run by them and you get similar response from other runners. Maybe it’s just my neighborhood like that, but I’m not used to such welcome feeling at home.

The best part of running here is probably the weather. Pretty constant 12-16C makes it enjoyable while not too hot and light breeze from the ocean makes it even better.

For now, running is a much bigger win over here than roller skating.

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