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I <3 Alfred app

In my free time, I’m an Apple geek. This means that new OS X users come to me and ask me about essential apps for their shiny new Mac. After explaining to them that there is Microsoft Office for Mac and that they should chat using Adium, I try to sell them on idea of App launcher. Currently my tool of choice is Alfred App. I love it because it has a great personality, design and it works great (in that order).

It’s a helper app so you often don’t think about it, it’s just a quick Ctrl+Space away. After todays update, I’ve clicked around the preferences and discovered this gem:

They keep track of usage for me. Data geek in me is thrilled about this and I now also have a new argument for newbie OS X features – it’s that great that I run it on average 36.8 times a day!

Does your app give me such a great chart to share?

4 responses to “I <3 Alfred app

  1. Hmm .. not sure I see any killer feature to take me away from Alfred App.

    QuickCal looks interesting, but I prefer visual Google Calendar for those few meetings I have.

  2. Yeah, Alfred is adding more and more stuff. They are doing a great job.
    I still prefer the way LaunchBar works, the clipboard history for example (you can see from which app its pasted, scroll throug the whole history … )
    I guess its a matter of taste for the most part

    I love QuickCals Smart Reminders. I already used it as a widget and now I even got involved and helped to design the UI.

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