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Meaningful work

Matej Martinc explains Natural Language Processing

Matej Martinc is a Ph.D. researcher at “Jožef Stefan” Institute in the Department of Knowledge Technologies where he invents new approaches on how to work and analyze written text. He explained to me the basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP), why neural networks are amazing, and how one gets started with all of this. In the second half, he shared how he ended up in Computer Science with a Philosophy degree and why working for companies like Google is not something that interests him.

Meaningful work

Anže Tomić explains why I don’t need a Podcast

Anže Tomič is most known for his podcasts Apparatus pogovori and Glave. He makes technology and media approachable to people that wouldn’t otherwise care.

I wanted to talk to Anže to see if he has any advice for me on how to approach interviews and all the media and brand myths around that. I expected basic tips on how to get started but instead got deep insights on business models and economics of the creator-led industry.