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Friday night skate – Tribute to Michael Jackson

I’m not sure how big deal is death of Michael Jacson back in Slovenia, but here in the states it seems quite a big thing, with all the news talking about it all the time while internet keeps generating more content and links to YouTube videos that have something to do with Michael Jackson.

As I’ve written before, Friday Night Skate has a big music element and today most of the songs were from Michael Jackson, mostly older recordings. There is also traditional Thriller dance at the Union Square, San Francisco which attracted quite a crowd and made everyone really hyped up and dancing!

I tried recording a video of it, but you unfortunely can’t see much. I’ll try to figure out something better for next week:

In short, lots of hype around MJ’s death and an interesting way how a group of people reacted to it. A bit bigger crowd this time – 40+ skaters.

union square, night skating
Image by Gandalfar via Flickr
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Taking a break/moving to San Francisco for the summer

Sometimes stars just align the way you want. In about 48h I will land in San Francisco where I’ll stay next 3 months with two big goals: take a bit of a break and mingle with the local community and spread the word of Zemanta.

San Francisco
Image by brothergrimm via Flickr

Should be fun and I’m looking forward to meeting many of friends that happen to live nearby or already told me that they’ll too visit San Francisco during the summer break.

I also have another big plan, blog daily about the adventures there, tech scene and personal development on the way. We’ll see how that goes.

Is there an event/gig you think I should check out and report about? Let me know!

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NY Web 2.0 Expo, BlogWorld, Picnic

People often tell me that I probably got the best job in the world. Lots of traveling, going to all the cool places and as many conferences as I can get myself into without being too sleep deprived.

Cat ( fractalius )
Image by alemdag via Flickr

Well, they’re mostly right. It’s a great gig, with a few of little problems, mostly anxiety the night before and all the fun of air travel.

With this little introduction, I present you a list of conferences I’m dropping by this week:

Web 2.0 Expo, New York

BlogWorld Expo, Las Vegas

Picnic Network and Bloggers unconference, Amsterdam

Ping me via mail or twitter if you want to meet up.

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Ian Neild – Disruptive evangelist, BT Futurist

Janela Andaluz

Image from Flickr

Fingers and thumbs, the new generation is using this. The continuos evolution, the technology is not here for everybody, but we’re evolving in a way.

New world: scarcity of resources, new technologies, new opportunities and it all brings disruptive technologies.

The world is speeding up, and the time is the enemy. In old days it meant doing business with USA, days and now it takes milliseconds. Blackberries and other technologies are allowing us to work everywhere. It’s not 24/7 anymore but it’s a 60/60.

The knowledge cycle means that the knowledge is deeper, and highly specialized to much information for one brain. So how do we use technology to keep on top of it? On top of that, experts will not talk to other experts (marketers will not talk to researchers).

The opportunities are thus bridging the gaps. Networks and social sites enable non-geographic communities. It allows for collaborating and joining. But while this is great for good work, but it allows for crazy people and extremists to also work together.

Where are the new customers? Over the next 8 years, people are not dying off, immigrants are coming off. There is all of the sudden a lot more older people, so the world is going to change.

Inclusivedesigntoolkit.com is a page where you can put in an age group, disability and it will tell you how many people are you excluding from your product. The FedEx commercial was seen by more people on video sharing sites than on TV.

Internet paradise – we can reach out and touch the world. But what happens when the world reaches out?

Futuristic stuff:

  • Instant feedback on stuff
  • Cheap flexible displays are coming
  • 3D printers that we can print objects with
  • Interfaces have changed, but it’s really improving
  • Wiifit
  • Micro projectors
  • Mixing real and unreal
  • Imaging
  • Digital nail printer
  • Duality – we can start brining computer graphics into our world
  • Ongoing convergence – nano, bio information, etc.

Disruption comes to every market. We just don’t see it coming. It could home from anywhere.

Who survives? Not the strongest, not the most intelligent but the most responsive to change. – Charles Darwin

Lessig’s new CC and Slovenia

Lawrence Lessig, founding father of Creative Commons, announced his new initiative – change-congress.org. It’s an idea to promote basic reform of United States Congress and fundamental principles that in reality steer it – corporate money. The campaign is using basic technological tools like Google Maps mash-up, together with Wiki’s and pledges to start building public awareness and help keeping track of who said what and how they kept with their promises.

This is an idea that I’m  deeply excited about. Even though hanging US congress does not affect me, I love it for the meme it brings to the world. As with Creative Commons that started as US initiative and then with time ported to most of the World countries, it brings the hope, as collateral damage, also to countries like Slovenia.

While I am not a lawyer or a political scientist, I like to think myself as a hacker and with that it makes me want to build similarly inspiring things in my local environment. It also allows me to take a look what other fellow hackers built and then start asking locals here, how this ideas map to our situation?

My call out to Slovenian and also Europeans (regarding the EU legislation) that are more intimate with political scene:

  • what is our equivalent regarding US PACs and lobbyists?
  • do we have “earmarks” problem?
  • what are local initiatives for more transparent parliament?
  • and how do we compare regarding the public funding of elections?

(adopted from C-C.org)

With some help of a local groups like e-demokracija.si or kiberpipa.org, we could firstly map in a wiki-like the differences and then start forming local issues. Hopefully with time people won’t think anymore that our Slovenian government is fully corrupt and bad because thee will be full transparent accountability that is not felt right now.