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OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – How to Create A Viral YouTube Video

OK Go recently released video for their song This Too Shall Pass, of their new album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, and it shows that they really understand viral web video and that their target demographic consumes their content on YouTube and Facebook.

First, check out their video, if you haven’t yet. It’s really worth watching, even if you don’t like their music. Analysis after the jump:

As you’ve seen it’s a Rube Goldberg inspired music video that is doing everything it can to keep your attention. It starts with a shock view of singer that looks like he just slaughtered a cow and as that grabs your attentions it gives you an interesting machine to observe as you watch the video. If they kept your attention for 30s you’ve probably managed to be enthusiastic enough about it to instant message it to your friends as well shared it on Facebook etc.

Based on their recent open letter, this is exactly what brings money today to a band – YouTube advertisements and the only way to actually make serious money on YouTube, besides having 500 videos that you released over last 2 years is to go viral with a well thought our video.

This brings to a completely new problem: what sells of the internet is porn, but if you can’t show that, kittens and lolcats will do. So the best tactic for an indie band that would like to get a lot of views would be to get some cute girls and somehow embed fuzzy kittens and puppies into their video. This way you’ll have a few bonus points in terms of views and maybe you’ll be able to achieve tipping point that will allow you to skyrocket the number of your views.

Did you spot any other details in the video that would contribute towards virality and sharing?


Avatar is one of those movies that you see in cinema in 3D and all you have to say is – wow. Stunning effects, rich and beautiful (although a bit color crazy) scenery and a story that works for most for the movie. It’s very much worth the hassle of going to the movies.

The trailer doesn’t do it justice, but maybe it will help you see it. (yes, I’m that psyched about it)

Bubble video

imageThese three months that I worked intesively with Zemanta felt a lot similiar to what, I imagined, in pre-.com crash times was. Shipping your core team to distant, yet cool place; provide insane amounts of yaffa cakes and cedevita, accompanied with either great in-house cooking or take-aways. The whole thing is then well rounded with some (for now) quiet hyping and talking to different potential investors and users at different conferences and trade shows.

Because of all this, and my overall tendency to like all Web 2.0-ish, I found the following music video from Richter Scales especially funny; at the same time I’m also hoping that we can sustain this hype for a while since I really think that the tech that it’s currently in the labs should be shown to the world and not lost due to “bubble” bursting.