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OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – How to Create A Viral YouTube Video

OK Go recently released video for their song This Too Shall Pass, of their new album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, and it shows that they really understand viral web video and that their target demographic consumes their content on YouTube and Facebook.

First, check out their video, if you haven’t yet. It’s really worth watching, even if you don’t like their music. Analysis after the jump:

As you’ve seen it’s a Rube Goldberg inspired music video that is doing everything it can to keep your attention. It starts with a shock view of singer that looks like he just slaughtered a cow and as that grabs your attentions it gives you an interesting machine to observe as you watch the video. If they kept your attention for 30s you’ve probably managed to be enthusiastic enough about it to instant message it to your friends as well shared it on Facebook etc.

Based on their recent open letter, this is exactly what brings money today to a band – YouTube advertisements and the only way to actually make serious money on YouTube, besides having 500 videos that you released over last 2 years is to go viral with a well thought our video.

This brings to a completely new problem: what sells of the internet is porn, but if you can’t show that, kittens and lolcats will do. So the best tactic for an indie band that would like to get a lot of views would be to get some cute girls and somehow embed fuzzy kittens and puppies into their video. This way you’ll have a few bonus points in terms of views and maybe you’ll be able to achieve tipping point that will allow you to skyrocket the number of your views.

Did you spot any other details in the video that would contribute towards virality and sharing?

What I Tweet about

There’s an interesting meme going around with the topic of creating a word cloud of your Tweets. Idea is to use Tweetdumpr to generate CSV file of your most recent Tweets and then use Wordle to generate a pretty picture. Give it a try. [via UsableWorld]

It’s really too bad that Worlde doesn’t provide an API, these memes could be automated to make the process even easier for bloggers and everyone.

The process itself could be improved by adding some kill words but it’s not bad even in the raw form.

My Twitter stream on Wordle
My Twitter stream on Wordle
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Typealayzer – What’s personality of your writing?

Randomly poking into the mess of Intertubes, I’ve discovered a little gem. It’s a service called Typealyzer that takes a look at your blog writing styles, and based on that decides what kind of personality is hidden in the writing. While service is for English and Swedish blogs only, it’s still a fun little meme that can go around.

According to their test, my blog is written by ISTJ (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) – The Duty Fulfillers

ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers
ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers


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London Meme

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Playing it forward from Carmen here are my answers to the latest contagious meme:

1. Top three non-work websites :

2. Three favourite cocktails

3. Top three karaoke songs:

I shall pass this on to James, Brendan and Donald.

(It say’s London meme, so I’m trying to keep it “local”)

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