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#webcamplj – community is alive and how you can help!


One of the big questions we’re always wondering is – is there a community in this small country? Aren’t things better in bigger cities?

There are two answers to that:

1. Sure. It’s better out there and we don’t stand a chance here.
2. or we can say – It depends. We just need to give our community a chance to come out.

The fact that #webcamplj could be done so quickly, while attracting such a lot of high quality speakers and participants gives me hope. While Slovenian (web) IT community might have its quirks, it’s alive and more than willing to come out and share the knowledge. It’s not just the BarCamp like events, it’s also weekly events in Kiberpipa, as well as Webmaster piknik, etc.

With this in mind, I just wanted to say that #webcamplj was really a community effort with more than 10 people working in backstage to keep the event running smoothly and some continue working even after event to make sure that we will be able to archive all the collected knowledge.

But there’s a bigger point to this blog post – you can help too. Consider running your event within a specialized field of your interest, so others can learn with you and we can advance the state of your field. You don’t even have to be an expert, just someone who is interested, as research has shown that people learn the most from peers their same level.

Having said that, there are a few things we can offer

1. We have a wide infrastructure that can support a variety of events. From 30 people meetings up to 150+ person events. Relationships with potential venus and experience at what works where and under what conditions.
2. We can help you with promotion as we’re involved with a number of online and offline media projects or help with Facebook groups or Twitter lists.
3. We can also help you with sponsoring and optimizing costs of your event (if any), due to previous relationships.

Who is we? We are a loose community of people who invest our time and money to keep these open places, events and online communities running. Talk to anyone that seems responsible at any of the community events and start the ball rolling inside your field of interest.

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