Sharing your email password with your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend

Moderating big IT forum is always fun as you get to see all sort of people asking questions that don’t really belong in there. Today we had a case of (probably a teenage) girl, who wanted to know how to hack into her boyfriends MSN account. He refused to share the password and chat logs with her. She took this as a huge trust issue from him and thought that he’s hiding something from here.

While denying access and not talking about this afterwards is probably the worst way to handle this issue, I wanted to ask my Twitter followers about their opinion. The question was simple:

Quick poll: do you think you need to share your email password with your spouse/gf/bf for a healthy relationship (and they with you)?

Feedback was not really surprising. A big no and it seems that they’d sooner break up the relationship than share their credentials.

On a side note, this means that it’s probably easier to phish a password than get the other person to reveal it.

I’m also sharing the answers as they’re fun to read:

b0j3: Nope. No password sharing here.

about 25 minutes ago
ena2345: au contraire, that would be highly unhealthy and somewhat creepy

about 27 minutes ago
simonbelak: @gandalfar: No. If anything it would create void problems. Ironically, the downfall wont come form a lack of trust but curiosity.

about 39 minutes ago
refaktor: my wote: there is no “need to” in these things, you “can” though 🙂 .. I don’ want to know email pwd of my wife..

about an hour ago
gregorzalaznik: Like everyone else said .. no fuckin way.. that’ just the opposite of a healthy relationship

about 2 hours ago
samastur: No, but I did a while ago anyway.

about 3 hours ago
freeeky: quick answer: nope. no. nein. nao. absolutely not. ….. humm, maybe that says smth abt me and my relationships 😉

about 3 hours ago
malcolmbastien: No to the password question

about 3 hours ago
ghosttie: hell no, everyone needs privacy

about 3 hours ago
brianking: nothing wrong with reading mail over shoulder, but why would thy need password?

about 4 hours ago
sasosketa: not in a million years 🙂 (I’ not trying to hide anything though)

about 4 hours ago
oxygenium: no, no.

about 4 hours ago
Cennydd: @gandalfar Categorically not. If they mistrusted me that much, it’ already over.

about 4 hours ago

2 thoughts on “Sharing your email password with your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend

  1. Interesting… Me too thinks it's not necessary to share an email password with someone's spouse/gf/bf for a healthy relationship, but from my experience I can tell you it's quite practical to share it 🙂

  2. i feel that this is a hard subject well here goes; i told my hampster my password and guess what…
    the next day my hampster hacked onto all of my accounts i was really upset!:(

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