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How to get back your Opera 10b3 preferences when upgrading to Opera10 RC

I’ve been using Opera 10 on OS X for a few months now. Even though it crashes a few times a day I’m still kind of attached to it, not exactly sure why.

Interesting thing happened with latest upgrade from Opera 10 beta 3 to their Release Candidate. They’ve decided that I don’t really need my bookmarks anymore and that I want to revert to 9.63 bookmarks for some reason, even though I’ve never used that version of Opera. To make it nicer on end user, they say: This RC will no longer use the Beta preferences we’ve been using throughout the development cycle, but upgrade your old 9.64 preferences if you haven’t already done this.

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Anyway, what happens if you actually _want_ to get your Beta preferences on OS X?

Simple, go to:

1. Quit Opera

2. Go to ~/Library/Preferences/ and look for “Opera Preferences 10” and “Opera Preferences”

3. Rename “Opera Preferences” to “Opera Preferences.old”

4. Rename “Opera Preferences 10″ to ” Opera Preferences”

5. Start Opera

This will give you back your Opera 10 beta Preferences, allowing you to continue your normal work. Too bad Opera doesn’t provide a transition path and makes us seek out configuration files. I’ve also failed to find this information in their Knowledge base, hence this blog post.

Anyway, if this RC crashes just a couple a times a day (compared to beta versions), I’ll be a happy camper. Maybe they’ll even get proper Unicode working on of these days.

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  1. I imagined Safari is awesome browser and everyone’s first choice on Mac? Any special reason for using Opera (which also crashes few times a day as you say)?

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