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Meta TV Shows – Shows about shows

makeup + studio light = fun
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Playing with new movie recommendation engine Jinni, I’ve stumbled upon a new TV show/series to watch – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It was recommended to me because I’m really enjoying Tina Fey‘s 30 Rock show. Both shows are dealing with prime time live shows from perspective of the crew that creates it. Dealing with writers problems, issues of stars and such.

While watching them, it occurred to me that they’re essentially meta shows: shows about shows. Since they’re so fun to watch we can soon probably expect more shows about these kind of things, like documentaries about making documentaries.

But that’s all just copying existing concept. Someone should bring this to the next level, like with a show about making a show about show. Proffered medium and topic doesn’t really have to be about TV, it could even be a blog about writing a blog about blogging. With a right attitude, I’m sure it could be a hit 🙂

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3 responses to “Meta TV Shows – Shows about shows

  1. Studio 60 was an incredible show, too bad it got canceled as soon as it did. I really recommend you taking a look at it. We need more Sorkin shows!!!

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