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Slovenian Supervizor data in Python Pandas

A few years after starting to work with Open Data, I’m still amazed by Python Pandas. I’m still very much a novice, I’ve got enough experience that I’m dangerous. I also don’t get enough opportunities to work it.

So when Nino invited me to do a workshop about Pandas at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Ljubljana, I took the chance to dive back in. So many people applied that we had to do it twice.

The first time, we used the Matura dataset, that I used for my previous talk on Pandas in Kiberpipa. It turns out it’s a rather bad dataset to show off potential of framework to novice users.

So the second time, I rewrote it to use Supervizor data. It worked much better and I got to explore new dataset. I’ve published resulting iPython Notebook on Github and also embedded below: