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A tip on connecting djangorestframework{-jsonapi, -jwt} with ember-simple-auth

The main issue that I’ve encountered was the fact that djangorestframework-jsonapi wanted to get requests in different format that ember-simple-auth sent them. This was great for the rest of my Ember app, but authentication didn’t work. The solution is to include both rest_framework.parsers.JSONParser and rest_framework_json_api.parsers.JSONParser in the mix. The final result in that worked for […]


Ember Server Side Form validation with Mirage

In this Ember.js example, I’ll show how to get ember-cli-mirage to return correct JSON-API response, so that Ember Data correctly processes Error message and makes it accessible inside the template. This code was tested on Ember 2.6.0. We have the following registration model: There are three main elements that make this work: Controller that saves the data, Template that renders form and errors, and […]